*We will offer workshops that mimic the book, Uncommon Sense - Children and School and the true concept of teamwork. Small group settings or workshops for schools are the typical venues. The target audience will be Teachers, Parents, School Leaders, Counselors, Aides and or anyone involved in the schooling environment of children. We prefer whoever seeks such a  workshop consider opening it up to this wider audience, though this is not mandated.

*The number of participants and distance are factors in pricing. We will keep travel primarily within the Northeastern, PA area, though extended travel possibilities are not ruled out. Skype may also be considered a possibility. Please have a discussion with us in this regard.

*Though we may have time for events
during the day, we would rather have 
workshops scheduled for the early
evening hours. All possibilities may be considered.
***We are avid supporters of life Insurance for children
Costs are low, while support, guidance and decreased financial stress are necessary aspects for healing from such a tragedy. We have a network to provide this service across Northeastern, PA and are currently exploring this service on a national level. If interested in hearing more about these Gifts of Insurance you may leave a message at 570-344-2357. Please know we realize most families will never experience such a loss, but also know we have experienced it and we have worked with many other families who have as well. The knowledge gained from these tragedies motivate this plea.