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What Happens, or Doesn't Happen, After the Aftermath of School Tragedies?

I have no idea because the media and attention to such tragedies steadily dissipates. We are becoming desensitized. I don't think it is healthy to see the tragedy unfolding over and over and over again. What is important, however, is --- what changes are made to make schools better and safer? I don't see this happen either. What I see is the event being made a political spectacle about gun control. It does not matter what side you are on, focusing on this issue during and after a tragedy does nothing right NOW to make our schools safer and better. The gun control debate may go on for years and years. Are we saying nothing can be done until this issue is resolved. If that's the case, our schools will remain in harms way for quite some time. There are so many other things that CAN be done. What are we learning? Are you interested?

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