David is a consultant author and the two definitely meet. David's educational history includes an AS degree in Human Service Technology and three graduate degrees from the Florida State University: MSW, MS in Counseling and Human Systems and an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in Counseling and Human Systems with a major in School Psychology.


Prior to David's formal education, he worked many years in residential treatment facilities with children who had severe emotional, social and behavioral challenges. David's education and career also involved Hospice training and volunteer work, private practice with children, and emergency shelter employment. David's professional career was as a school psychologist. Throughout his nearly 35 years of work with children, families and school systems, David presented workshops at conferences and at in-services which regarded relationship building with children having significant problems, teamwork building, and issues of loss. David's informal and formal education is recognized as a wonderful balance and skill-set which he has used through his direct work and within his presentations and training. 


David has been heard on over 430 stations in major markets such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Seattle, Houston and more! Topics requested have been school bullying, school suicides, school shootings, and video game violence. These markets include big media brands such as iHeart Media, FOX News Radio, CBS Radio, Salem Radio Network and Top National Hosts like Gordon Deal and Lars Larson. Many of his interviewers have requested future interviews.


David's passion to help children in school lead to the writing of his first book, Uncommon Sense - Children and School. This book is a passionate portrayal of David's belief in everyone understanding their roles as team members in efforts to help children in need. The book provides examples of topic areas and issues and is written in a format in which the reader can become engaged. Areas are provided for the reader to write down thoughts and reactions to ponder, question or utilize. David's second book is the first in a series of  Christian Fiction Novels titled, Theodore Tobias Greenwood - A Child of Grace.  David has a very good understanding of boundaries regarding his belief system within the public school setting, though this novel was also written to help children struggling at school. David is currently assisting his elderly parents as a caregiver while continuing his passion to help children, families, and schools. An exciting and passionate career is now evolving into consulting and writing.


 Parents, Teachers, Counselors, School Leaders, etc: If you want Teamwork clearly defined; If you  want to make "uncommon sense" common again in your setting; If you want to stop being a reactive system to crises; If you want your learning environment to be safer; If you want all your children to maximize their potential --- We can bring such changes closer to a reality ASAP. Let's Talk!

David M. Willson, MSW, MS, Ed.S.